Sunday Bible Study Groups
We believe discipleship happens best in groups that share life together.
Connecting to a group of friends who can support, encourage and challenge
you in your faith is an important step in your journey with Christ. The best
place to find that connection at First Baptist is in one of our Sunday morning
Bible Study Groups. If you have questions about which group might best fit
your age group or learning style, just ask one of our greeters as you enter
the building. You can also call the office midweek and talk to one of our staff.

Newborn-1 Year Olds - Room G74
Led by Cora Foster and Nancy Tribble

2 Year Olds - Room G90
Led by Susan Thorington, Jana Flint, Brittney Dunn, and Joyce Roberts

3 & 4 Year Olds - Room G92
Led by Roger & Charlotte Heath, Robin Rose, and Mike Roberts

Kindergarten-3rd Grade - Room G68
Led by David & Jennifer Craddock and Gloria Whitlock

4th-6th Grade - Room G66
Led by Eddie & Doris Nabors and Jean Jordan

Student Ministry - Room 271
Grades 7-12

Led by Nathan & Lindsay Lyon

College & Young Adults - Room 252
Men & Women, Ages 18-30
Led by Adam Loudermilk & Matt Snow

Iron Sharpening Iron - Room 262
Men & Women, Ages 25-50
Led by John David Owen & Chris Shepherd

Followers - Room 256
Men & Women, Ages 40+

Led by Brian Spraberry & Grace Cook

Women Impacting Women - Room 241
Women, All Ages
Led by Paula Hairston

Men’s Discipleship Class - Room 233 
Men, All Ages
Led by Larry Byrd

Wisdom Seekers - Room 175
Men & Women, Ages 50+
Led by David Taunton

Friendship - Room G02
Men & Women, Ages 60+
Led by Dr. Bill Scott

Faith Class - Room 235
Women, Ages 60+
Led by Mary Nell Spraberry

J.O.Y. - Room G27 
Women, All Ages
Led by Deborah Meador

Disciples - Library
Men, Ages 60+
Led by Ray Stroup