Critical Questions: Conversations About Our Faith

This six part series will look at common and sometimes difficult questions that are asked of Christianity by both believers and nonbelievers alike. This series provides an opportunity to explore the toughest claims of the Christian faith and look deeply at some of its core beliefs, including:

  • The Doctrine Of God
  • The Person of Christ
  • The Readability of the Scripture
  • The Need for Worship
  • The Reality of Judgement
  • The Purpose of the Church

Each subject will be led by a member of the Samford Christian Ministry or Beeson Faculty, including an IMB Professor of Theology. Each topic stands alone, but together will give us a solid foundation for sharing our faith with a sometimes skeptical world.

October 3
Dr. Scott Guffin
Executive Director and Professor, Christian Ministries
“Why does God need people to worship Him?”

October 10
Dr. Timothy George
Dean of Beeson Divinity
“Wasn’t Jesus simply a great teacher, who never claimed to be God?”

October 17
Dr. Charles Carter
James Chapman Fellow of Pastoral Ministry
“How can a loving God allow people to go to an Eternal Hell?”

October 24
Dr. Mark DeVine
Professor of History and Doctrine
“If church members are no better than me, why should I go to church?”

November 7
Dr. Carl Beckwith
Professor of History and Doctrine
“Wasn’t the trinity a late ‘invention’ of the church to explain having 3 gods?”

November 14
Dr. Calvin Morris
IMB Theological Education
“Hasn’t the Bible been proven unreliable, contradictory and irrelevant?”